About Us

WHAT IS Tasty Grocer

Tasty Grocer is a modern lifestyle brand sourcing and promoting tasty, healthy & premium foods for food lovers.  We believe that food lovers deserve to have healthy food but must come with great taste. 

Our Mission

We set out on this journey to source only the best and premium food and make it easily available to all food lovers across the whole malaysia.

Our Honest Approach

We will source ONLY quality products and tested in order to meet our taste profile standard. The food must fulfill our 3 important standards: Tasty, Healthy & Premium. 

*We do understand that not all customer will agree with our taste profile standard

Once the products have passed the above standard, only then will they be listed in our store. 

A Story from Co-Founder

Tasty Grocer was started in 2021 after the second MCO by Darren & Denise. Both of us are professionals and have been in the apparel business for 10 years. 


Denise is a person who has always craved for quality food that comes with great taste since little girl. Darren is a caring husband and does his best to fulfill Denise's desire for quality and premium food. 

From 2020, we have moved to Kuala Lumpur from Penang due to certain circumstances. 

Since moving to KL, we are impressed with the quality food available in Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer. 

Therefore, we decided to start an online store and name it after as Tasty Grocer. Our initial thinking is to make the quality food easily available to all malaysian across Malaysia instead of klang valley only. 


Contact us

1. Facebook messenger (blue button at the bottom of the website)

2.  Email:  contact@tastygrocer.com

3.  Whatsapp:  +6010-464 9228